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Frequently Asked Questions

Paul Thagard,

Updated July 23, 1998

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Why should I be interested in this program?

If you are interested in the nature of mind and intelligence, this program provides a way of surveying the different disciplines that study how the human mind works. The option does not immediately translate into any particular employment opportunities, but understanding of the nature of human and machine intelligence is useful for many careers, from managment to education to engineering.

Do I need to apply to the program in order to satisfy the option?

Yes. The former restriction to only 6 students per year has been eliminated, so all interested students should apply. You should have a B (70%) average and have taken at least one of the required courses, preferably including PHIL/PSYCH 256.

How can I apply?

Send a 1-page statement of your interest in the study of mind along with a transcript of marks to Paul Thagard, Philosophy Department, at any time. Include your email address for notification of acceptance.

What is the new course on cognitive modeling?

PHIL 446 / PSYCH 476. Cognitive Modeling.

Students will implement computational models of human cognition, using logic-based, rule-based, neural network and other programs, and discuss their philosophical and psychological significance.

Prerequisite: PHIL/PSYCH 256 and a programming course such as CS 102, CS 112, CS 130, CS 134, or SY DE 121.

This course will be taught for the first time in Winter term, 2000.


Contact Paul Thagard by email or phone if you have any further questions.