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This is a draft of a list of Waterloo faculty in cognitive science, the interdisciplinary study of mind and intelligence. This list includes people who work in one of the fields of cognitive science (psychology, neuroscience, computational intelligence, anthropology, linguistics, philosophy) and have interests in one or more of the other fields. Also welcome are suggestions about additional people to add, and revisions to the descriptions of research interests and methods.

As of Sept. 1, 2016, the adviser for the UW undergraduate and graduate programs is Steve Weinstein:

Name (click for Web page) Department Research Interests Methods
Anderson, Britt Psychology spatial attention, brain injuries behavioral experiments, mathematical models
Barrickman, Nancy Anthropology human and primate evolution, cultural behavior primate ecology, behavioral observation
Basir, Otman Electrical and Computer Engineering intelligent systems computer models
Ben-David, Shai Computer Science machine learning computer models, mathematical models
Berry, Daniel Computer Science requirements engineering, requirements elicitation case studies, controlled experiments
Burns, Catherine Systems Design Engineering interface design case studies
Cohen, Robin Computer Science artificial intelligent, multiagent systems computer models
Cozzarin, Brian Management Sciences innovation - its creation, adoption and diffusion within/by firms and individuals agent-based simulation, statistical methods
Damen, Oussama Electrical and Computer Engineering wireless communication, information theory, cooperative communications mathematical analysis, computer simulations
Dankert, James Psychology human neuropsychology, especially effects of brain lesions behavioral experiments, brain imaging
Denison, Stephanie Psychology domain-general learning mechanisms in infants and children behavioural experiments and mathematical models
Di Marco, Chrysanne Computer Science computational linguistics computer models
Dixon, Mike Psychology synesthesia, gambling behavior behavioral experiments
Eliasmith, Chris Philosophy, Systems Design Engineering theoretical neuroscience, philosophy of mind computer models, mathematical analysis
Friedman, Ori Psychology children's social reasoning behavioral experiments
Fugelsang, Jonathan Psychology decision making, causal reasoning behavioral experiments, brain imaging
Grossman, Igor Psychology emotion, social cognition, wisdom, culture, life-span development behavioral experiments, ethnographic studies, computer-assisted content analysis

Harris, Randy

English cognitive linguistics, rhetoric, and poetics rhetorical analysis, case studies
Henderson, Heather Psychology child temperament and self-regulation individual and dyadic observations; EEG/ERP
Histon, Jonathan Systems Design Engineering decision making, complexity case studies, behavioral experiments, ethnographic studies
Hoey, Jesse Computer Science artificial intelligence, assistive technologies, human computer interaction computer models, case studies
Homer-Dixon, Tad Balsillie School of International Affairs social adaptation case studies
Kamel, Mohamed Electrical and Computer Engineering cooperative intelligent systems computer models
Karray, Fakhri Electrical and Computer Engineering intelligent systems, cognitive robotics computer models
Kulić, Dana Electrical and Computer Engineering human motion analysis and motion learning computer models, behavioural experiments, robot experiments
Lank, Edward Computer Science human computer interaction case studies, behavioral experiments
Larson, Kate Computer Science artificial intelligence, multiagent systems computer models, mathematical models
Liebscher, Grit Germanic and Slavic Studies verbal and non-verbal human interaction socio-interactionist analysis, case studies
Mann, Richard Computer Science computational vision computer models
O'Neill, Daniela Psychology early childhood language and cognition behavioral experiments
O'Gorman, Marcel English cognitive impacts of technology, attention, cognitive evolution research/creation, ethnography, behavioural experiments, case studies
Orchard, Jeff Computer Science neural networks computer models
Poupart, Pascal Computer Science machine learning, multi-agent systems computer models
Randall, Neil English rhetoric, user interfaces case studies
Savarese, John English historical cognitive theory, distributed cognition literary analysis
Schulze, Mat Germanic and Slavic Studies language, including computer assisted language learning computer assisted language learning
Scott, Stacey Systems Design Engineering human computer interaction case studies, behavioral experiments
Spafford, David Biology molecular neuroscience animal experiments, molecular biology
Thagard, Paul Philosophy emotion, decision making, creativity, scientific reasoning computer models, case studies
Terry, Michael Computer Science human computer interaction case studies, behavioral experiments
Tolmie, Sarah English premodern cognitive theory, embodiment literary analysis, research-creation
Tripp, Bryan Systems Design Engineering visual and motor systems of primates computer models
Turri, John Philosophy social cognition, communication behavioral experiments
White, Katherine Psychology infant language development behavioral experiments

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