PHIL 255: Week 8

Churchland on Metaphysics



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A car with intentionality?

Approaches to Philosophy

1. A priori: Plato, Kant, Frege, Husserl, etc.

2. Naturalistic: Aristotle, Hume, Quine, Patricia Churchland

Mechanistic Explanation

Explanation based on objects, relations, changes.

Simple examples: lever, bike.

Levels of explanation: social, psychological, neural, molecular, biochemical ...

Integrate levels:


Churchland's examples:

Biological examples:

Conceptual change is widespread. Meanings change.

Coevolution of scientific fields.

Reductionism does not eliminate the value of life: self-esteem can survive.

Against substance dualism

No positive description of the mind and its interactions with body.

No competition for brain-based explanations.

Overemphasizes the conscious mind.


Vs. correlation. Probability not enough.

Hume: constant conjunction.

In world or in mind? Kant.

Can causality be perceived?



Phil 255

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