Phil/Psych 447

Seminar in Cognitive Science

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Week 6: Development and Education (Oct. 25)

Questions about development and education (chs. 12, 13)

  1. In what ways are children creative?
  2. Does creativity develop in stages?
  3. How do emotions and play contribute to children's creativity?
  4. How can creativity in children be fostered?
  5. What are the major obstacles to children's creativity?
  6. How does schooling sometimes get in the way of education?
  7. What is creative teaching?
  8. Can creativity be taught?

Week 7: Culture (Oct. 27)

Questions about culture (ch. 14)

  1. What is culture? What kinds of groups have cultures?
  2. How do different cultures understand creativity? Proverb: The nail that sticks up gets hammered down.
  3. How do different cultures weight novelty vs. adaptive value?
  4. What cultural differences are there about gender and creativity?
  5. How does culture influence the amount of creativity?
  6. Are corporate cultures like national and ethnic cultures with respect to creativity?
  7. How can changes in culture increase creativity?


Phil/Psych 447

Paul Thagard

Computational Epistemology Laboratory.

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