Week 10: Conflicts of Interest in Medical Research

The Moral Psychology of Conflict of Interest

Powerpoint presentation

Medical Conflicts of Interest: examples

1. Physicians entertained by pharmaceutical companies.

2. Medical researchers funded by pharmaceutical companies.

3. Physicians who own diagnostic equipment.

How to deal with research conflicts?

1. Laissez-faire: do nothing.

2. Reform and regulate: disclosure, supervision.

3. Sequester: ban industry funding of medical research.

Student Symposia

I. Nov.23: Life and death: Mikhael, Toombs, Bullen, Carriere, Isenberg.

II. Nov. 23: Consciousness. Christelis, Menken, Osterberg, Stumpf.

III. Nov. 30: Psychological explanation: Carvalho, Clements, Finn, Lockhart, Moore.

IV. Nov. 30: Illness: Grupp, Heckbert, Honeyford, Oliver, Poproski.

Each presentation should be no more than 8 minutes, allowing 2 minutes for questions. Each symposium will be followed by 10 minutes of general discussion. The presentations should outline the central issues of your topic and your general arguments and conclusions.


Life, Mind, and Disease

Computational Epistemology Laboratory.

Paul Thagard

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