Week 1: Planning

Schedule of Student Talks (tentative)

Feb. 28: Chapman, Martin, Sand, Sheehan (Mind)

Mar. 7: Finn, Pecoskie, Riarh, Toombs (Science)

Mar. 14: Bullen, Christelis, Dumsday, Heffernan (Knowledge)

Mar. 21: Kulic, Menken, Pollon, Stumpf (Action)

Questions for Week 2: Economics and Evolution

  1. Does rationality require maximizing self-interest?
  2. Is satisficing better than maximizing?
  3. What is utility?
  4. How are evolution and rationality isomorphic?
  5. How are evolution and rationality different?
  6. How do the descriptive and normative interact in economics and evolutionary theory?

PHIL 680b

Computational Epistemology Laboratory.

Paul Thagard

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